Our Swan Song…

Posted: July 26, 2016 in All Others

As we told everyone on FaceBook Saturday, we had some thinking to do this weekend, and so we did. It has been several months since we have posted any original material to our website and our collective well of original thought has ran dry so to speak. All of our social media sites are holding their own and have gained several hundred followers from reposting others work. However, that was not why we started down this road…

When we began this journey a couple of years ago we didn’t set out to be the biggest or have the most followers. We wanted bring ideas and information to you to better prepare you and your family for disasters and other calamities that have been known to affect our society as a whole. We hope we have done that and that you have found the information that provided both useful and helpful.

Today, there are several sites and blogs that bring great content to the web that is free for the viewing. Whether you prefer to read or watch your content, you can find several sights that can speak to any subject you are interested in. Some of these sites have large budgets, while other are a one person show. However, most try to put up good information, but some are just trying to line their pockets and make cash from your want or need to prepare. So beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. The knowledge you are trying to find is free, just keep digging.

I say all this to say that we have decided to pack it in and concentrate on our own preparedness. We have enjoyed bringing you knowledge and ideas to assist you in your endeavors. We wish you luck and God’s speed.

Keep on Prepping!