To Bug-out or Bug-in, that is the Question

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Bugging Out

The shit has hit the fan…  Society as you knew has fundamentally changed forever.  Gone are the systems and things we have all become so reliant upon.  You have linked up with the family unit, made the final supply run to the stores, your security measures have been emplaced and all your prepping is as complete as it will ever be. Now the final question this: To Bug-in or to Bug-out.

This will be a question that you will have very short time to answer.  For some the answer will be obvious, for others the pros and cons will have to be weighed to determine the right answer for their situation.  There is now one size fits all answer for this question.  The answer should take into account several factors and your family unit’s readiness to complete undertaking.

If the SH2TF, there are several factors which have to be taken in to account before making this decision.  Let’s look at some of the more obvious factors.

  • Do you have a place to go (a Bug-out location)?

  • Do you reliable vehicle that is capable making it to your Bug-out location?

  • Is the route to your Bug-out location safe to travel?

The above are some of the more obvious questions you should be asking yourself or discussing with your group or unit.

Now let’s take a look at some cold hard facts.

  • Most of us don’t have a nice secure Bug-out location.

  • Most of us don’t have a vehicle that is capable to make a very hazardous trip.

  • Most of us won’t have access to the intelligence required to determine if the route to a Bug-out location is safe to travel or not.

So what choice do we have?  We have to “Bug-in” or “Dig-in” for the long haul.  But what are some of the thing that you will have to do before, during and after the event that has cause the SH2TF?

First and foremost security will have to address.  In a typical modern home there are several security issues that should be addressed.

  • Windows on the first floor.

  • Multiple entry points.

  • “Soft” entry doors.

  • Noise Discipline

  • Light Discipline

  • Blind spots (Areas of no vision) on your perimeter.

  • Proximity to others.

  • No early warning systems.

  • Pedestrian & vehicle traffic.

Anyone of those issues listed above will be enough to cause a major issue if you are “Bugging-in”.  All of these issues and more will have to be addressed in order to provide the maximum amount of security for your group.  There is no one size fits all fix to any of these problems.  However, security during these types of situations should always be first and for most in your mind.  It can mean the difference between life and death.

Once you have your security up and running, you will them have to address the second and third most important priorities, water and food.  If you have be prepping all along, then you should have at least the food issue address for the see-able future, but water maybe an issue.  Remember, if you are “Bug-in” you want to operate as clandestine as possible.  So that means clandestine water collection.

There are several systems which can be set-up and established clandestinely as either part of your house or in your backyard.  The following are a few of the water collect systems.

  • Rain gutter collect system

  • Tarp collect system

  • Clandestine storage (Basement or Garage)

  • Swimming pool

However, if your luck is good the water will still functional for while so you may be able to fill all the containers you have.  But water will become an issue soon than later.  You must be able to address a resupply plan for water, your life will depend on it.

Now that you have shelter and water covered your next concern should be food.  If you have you food preps, how are you going to cook your food?  You can eat raw food for a while but you will soon want to eat something cooked.  Also, depending on the time of year, heat may be an issue also.  There is nothing worse than a cold house when it’s cold outside.  It can make a miserable stay worse.  But what will be your heat source for your home and how will you cook?  There are several systems and ways to not only provide heat, but also cook if needed.  Again the trick is selecting one that will work for your situation.

As with most things is life, the situation will dictate what action you should take.  A well thought out plan, some preparedness beforehand and a level head can provide with the answer when you need it.  Deciding whether to Bug-in or to Bug-out is one decision that should be answered well before the calamity begins.  However, once again the situation will dictate your action.  In order to survive the event you have to throw caution to the wind and Bug-out even if you don’t have anywhere else to go.  The choice may save your life.


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