Bugging-In, The Top 5 Things You Should be Concerned With

Posted: October 21, 2014 in All Others, SHTF Preparedness, Survival and Skills
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With all the concern or hype over Ebola people have become concerned with Bugging-In or as some call it Sheltering-In-Place (SIP). Most people, even some preppers have trouble grasping everything that you should have on hand and all the things you should be concerned with. Once you start making your list, it can go on forever. And the more people you add to the mix the more you will need. If you have pets, their needs will have to be addressed also. So, I suggest we take a look at some of the basics to help you along the way.

Most of the time when you see list such as these, your shelter is on the top of the list. However, because we are looking at “Bugging-In” shelter is a given here. So let’s move on to the next item.

Water – As you know, we can’t live without water. Within 3 days we will parish without good old water. So, the first item you should be concerned with is water and water storage. The average person will need at least 4 gallons a day with sanitation needs being met. As a planning factor, a family of 4 will a minimum of 16 gallons of water of day. A weeks’ worth of would be roughly 112 gallons and a month’s worth will be around 481.6 gallons, using 4.3 weeks per month.

Water Barrels

Water Barrels\\


481.6 gallons is a lot water to have sitting around in the garage. That would be 9 each 55 gallon barrels. So, I suggest looking at alternate storage methods or acquiring methods. Rain water collection, underground storage or even swimming pool storage as long as you treat the water first. The decision is yours, but the issue will have to be addressed


Food Stocks –The next issue you will have to figure out is food and food storage. If you are “Bugging-In” you won’t be able to run down to the store to pick up grub for tonight’s dinner. Meals and food will have to be planned for. The normal calorie intakes are listed here.

  •  Adult Female: 2,000 – 2,400
  • Adult Male: 2,400 – 3000
  • Children: 1,000 – 2,400 based on age & sex
Food Stocks

Food Storage

So, how do you plan for a family of four? Use the minimum calorie count because the activity levels will be on the low side. However, don’t forget to add some treats, everyone likes sweets!

Medical Supplies & Medicines – You first aid kit will definitely need an upgrade for long term use. Believe it or not you will most likely get banged up working around the old homestead. You will have to supplement your basic supplies adding more over the counter (OTC) pain relievers, bandages and even some advanced medical supplies. Just remember that you won’t be able to pop down to the old doc in the box for your flu shot.

You will also have to obtain extra maintenance medications if you or a member of your family is taking any prescription medications. You should speak to your doctor about what you are planning. Believe or not, most doctors are willing to help you out in this endeavor.

Security – Security may or may not be an issue during this period. If security is an issue during this time, remember to try to use blackout measures for your windows. Also, if you have windows on the first floor, you will want to board or block up the windows somehow. There are several different ways this can be done.

Boarding WindowsSome choose to use plywood and other use metal security bars. Again, you will want to make sure no matter want you chose to use, ensure these measures will afford your house/shelter the security that you will need.

Another issue that may need to be addressed is night watch. If you are boarding up the house/shelter then most likely you will have to be pulling night watch also. If you have a family of 4 with small children, then you will be really tried or you will need to bring someone else in for the duration to share the load. The more people you have the more the burden of night watch can be shared. However, if will mean more supplies will have to be obtained for the extra mouths.

And don’t forget about weapons. I suggest standardizing all the weapons that you can. It’s a lot easier to share ammo if needed. Even magazines should be standardize if possible. The same can be said for rifles and shotguns. Standardization makes things a lot easier if or when the SHTF.

Communications – You will have to have some way to get news from the outside world once you are “Bugging-In” and you will even want to communicate with others. There are several recommendations that can be made on this subject, however here is my short list.

  • AM/FM Weather Radio (Battery Powered)
  • Cell Phone with an extra battery
  • Solar Charging Unit, capable of charging several types of batteries.
  • Ham Radio Unit

Lighting, Heating & Cooking – It will get dark and it may get cold. With security in mind, if the power goes out, you will want to have some light to move around your house/shelter after dark. You will have to devise an alternative lighting source. Flashlights are good, but you will have to have extra batteries. Solar lights are good, but may only give you limited hours of light. A solar charger is a good item to have if you use rechargeable batteries.

Heating may also be an issue. Unless you are using a “vent-less” gas heating source, you will have to ensure that whatever heating source you are going to use will have to be properly vented. This is an issue that should be addressed long before you think you may need to use it.



The same can be said for your cooking heat source. Remember, if you are using anything that will put off fumes, make sure you only use it in a well-ventilated area.





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