The Importance of Prepper Networking

Posted: November 2, 2014 in All Others, SHTF Preparedness, Theories & Ideas
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Let’s start with the understanding that no one can do everything by themselves. As preppers, many us have the grandiose idea that we can do everything on our own. I hate to burst this bubble, but it’s simply not true. There are those among us that have a lot of knowledge and understanding of the environment which they would be operating in, however they cannot do everything that the environment will require for their safety. Between all the work required just to feed, provide shelter for yourself and trying to provide security for yourself, something will go undone. A prepping partner can provide that helping hand that may save you from being killed. Whether you prep as a family unit or part of a larger group, networking can be the key between success and failure.


Transfer Point

Transfer Point


Just imagine, a month or so into a SHTF situation during the dead of winter, your rations are getting low and both you and your significant other are getting a little stir crazy from being locked up in your shelter at your bug out location. The EAS messages stopped about four weeks ago. The last message that the federal government put was that Marshall Law was declared and everyone was to remain indoors.

After the Collapse

After the Collapse


Those caught outside would be shot. Since that time, you have heard no vehicle traffic or saw any movement out your peep holes. After one sleepless night, you all have decided to make your way outside to do some checking, but who will stay and cover down on your location? How will you communicate once you split-up? Is it a good idea to travel on foot by yourself? Is there anyone else in the area? If so, are they friends or foes? The questions go on forever. So what are the advantages to networking if you are a prepper?


Advantages for Networking

There are several advantages to joining or be a part of an active prepping network. From the shared knowledge to tactical support, being part of a group will help ensure a more robust set of skills that could be the difference between success or failure during a situation. Let’s look at some of the advantages.

Shared Knowledge, Overlapping Skill Sets and the Exchange of Ideas: I don’t know about you, but I know a very little about most things and a lot about nothing. The concept of shared knowledge is very appealing to me. To be able to have a knowledge base to draw on when I need it is very attractive. To be able to get advice on subjects that I know nothing about would be great way to ensure that I can provide what was needed for my families’ survival.

Receiving instruction

Receiving instruction

Resources: No matter how hard we try, no matter how much money we invest and no matter how much we prepare, we will always need something we don’t have access to and we won’t be able to make. Wouldn’t be great to have access to a network of like minded people that you could reach out to and get whatever you needed?   The members of your network may not have everything, but they will have some of the items that you may need. This will lead to the next advantage of prepping.

Prepper Green House

Green house substantiate








Bartering Exchange: If the SHTF the paper money which we use will be more worthless than it is now. Some think gold and silver will be the new money and used to buy needed items. I don’t know about you but I can’t think how I can use gold to help me survive, and the only use of silver I can think of is to make bullets. That being said, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use those extra goods and food which you have to work for you. To be able to trade the extra corn for an item which you need or want to make you life easier after SHTF.

Multiple Bug-Out Locations: Just because the SHTF and everything has went into the crapper, doesn’t mean that the weather from that point will be all sunshine and rainbows. Your shelter, home, bug out location or bunker no matter how well built or strengthened will have a vulnerability. A tornado, earthquake or flood will pretty much do a number on any shelter if the hazard is strong enough. So, if your shelter or bug out location is devastated by another event (i.e. tornado, earthquake, flood or some other natural hazard), the prepper network may be able to provide you with another shelter, for either long or short term bases.

Remote Cabin

Remote Bug-Out Location

Security: No matter how much training you have had, how much weaponry you have or how high-tech your preps are, you need to sleep. Sure we can get by on cat naps for a while, but sleep deprivation will catch-up you and more than likely when lease need it to. How many times have you tried to stay up late to watch a TV show and ended up falling asleep. Now imagine you have been awake for the better part of the last four days. You have a nice fire built and your belly is full. How long do you think you will be awake? Not long! However, if you were part of a network you could share your security duties and get the shut eye you are in need of. Besides, you may need backup or reinforcements sometime.

A Prepper Group

A Prepper Group

Now don’t get confused about networking and joining a group. A network is a lose affiliation of like minded people that will share knowledge as well as possibility provide support to others when needed. A group is more demanding of both your time and resources. Not all groups are bad or good however, most will require you to participate in meetings and other activities.

Bottom line: No one can do everything on their own. We all need support.



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