After The SHTF Sustainable Food

Posted: November 4, 2014 in All Others
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Congratulations! You made it through the SHTF with your family/friendly unit intact. Sure you have made some minor mistakes but all in all you and yours are fine. The first year is almost over, most of the population has moved out of your current area or has passed, so the threats around you are now minimal. You and your unit had enough food and supplies stashed for roughly a year and through rationing and scavenging you are pretty sure you can extend it about 6 more months. But what will you do after the food and supplies run out? There is only so much food and supplies out there to be scavenged. There is only so much wildlife within a given area. How will you feed yourself and the others with you?

Scavenging for food

Scavenging for food after the SHTF

Many of us have been working toward the goal of better preparing ourselves, families and others around us to better survive a catastrophic event or the SHTF. You have most likely begun to stock-up on all kinds of items, food, ammo, medical supplies and other items that you may need.

Scavenging for food

Scavenging for food

You have constructed a rain catching system for water and may have even began to build out your solar system. However, a lot of people are missing one big item; what are you going to do when your food stores runs out? There are three basic things you can do. Gather, Garden/Farm and continue to Scavenge. Let’s look at the later first.

Scavenging can and will most likely provide food stuffs for a while if the area you are scavenging in have not been picked out. You may luck-up and find another prepper’s stash that was not as lucky as you. You may be in an area where food there is a storage/transportation site. However, once again these areas are most likely to be picked-out or contaminated depending upon the type of catastrophic event. There are a lot of areas that we won’t discuss here that could possibly lead to some food stuffs that could help you through for a couple more months, but ultimately you will run out of items to be scavenged. Canned and persevered items will only last so long (even Twinkies).

Wild fruits in a green forest

Wild fruits in a green forest

Gathering is another possible way to provide yourself and those with you a food source. Almost any survivalist worth their salt will tell you that if you starve in the North America wilderness, it all be your own fault. Depending on where you are located, there are several wild fruits, vegetables, and animals to be had.

The key is to educate yourself before the SHTF. Don’t fool yourself, you won’t be able to go out blindly and gather food items from the wild. It will take a lot of work and some experience before hand to make it work.



Berries, rabbits, snakes, turtles, roots and several other items can provide you with enough nutrition to survive. After all most of the Native Americans survived this way for very long time.

Gardening/Farming will be your best bet, if you are prepared. As we are going to our never ending list of “must do” items for prepare for the SHFT, long term survival solutions must be addressed.

Backyard Farming

Backyard Farming


Sustainment gardening/farming is not an item that most people have success at first time out.   Seeds which you are going to use to grow food stuffs for sustainment must be tried before the SHFT.

There are several things that you need to now to successfully be able to provide your family/friendly unit a sustainable food source from gardening/farming.


  1. Gather heirloom seeds now and make them part of your preparedness supplies.
  2. Try the same type of heirloom seeds now.
  3. Try fruits and vegetables that are known to grow well in your area.
  4. Identify grow sites and alternate sites now.
  5. Try to store more than what you will need. (It’s better to have too much than too little).
  6. Identify water sources that you will be able to use for irrigation.
  7. Gather the tools you will need now and gather more than you will think that you will need.
  8. Study the subject.
Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom Seeds

Sustainment gardening/farming is hard work and without modern fertilizers and insecticides you must be prepared for failures. It is a good idea to plant several food plots with both noise makers and movement devices to scare wildlife. By spreading out your food sources over a large area hopefully you will limit your insect failures. However, there are other things that can also be done to assist in protecting your food source. Plants such as mint other aromatic plants can not only assist in insect control, but also discourage animals form feeding on your hard work. Several animals find different aromatic plants to be discouraging and will not go anywhere never the area that the plants exist. Some of these plants include:

Catnip Chives Daffodils Dill
Garlic Lavender Marigolds Mint
Onion Oregano Rosemary Sage
Spearmint Thyme

This is just a small list of some the plants that are known to repel animals and insects. It is a good idea to have these types of heirloom seeds to in your stash to help insure against crop failure.

Clover - You can eat it!

Clover – You can eat it!

Being able to survive the SHTF is just part of the equation. You will have to be able to provide a sustainable food source for you family/friendly unit over the longer period. Perhaps the smartest way to manage a food plan is to use wild eatables to supplement your stable (stashed) food source while transitioning to a more sustainable food source of crop production.  Remember, all that high speed gear will not feed you and you can’t store food forever. Sustainment gardening/farming should be a part of your plan.




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