The Cost of the EDC Kit

Posted: February 5, 2015 in All Others
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Let’s face it, we are all concerned about our bottom line. We want to obtain the best gear for our dollar. However, we have also learned that sometimes cheap equipment is just that, Cheap. Some of us have more to put toward equipment, while a lot of us are on a budget.

An well equipped EDC.

A well equipped EDC.

Most of us who do carry an EDC have put it together to meet our individual needs, but there are still a few items that most EDC’s have in common.

  • Fire starters
  • Flashlights
  • Cordage
  • First Aid Supplies
  • All Purpose Tool

Let’s look at the cost of each of these items while building three kits, the Budget Kit, the Mid-Line Kit and the Premier Kit.

Budget EDC Kit

Total Price: $24.01

Mid-Line EDC Kit

Total Price: $115.24

Premier Kit

Total Price: $330.64

If you’re like me, the budget EDC kit is more in line with the amount of money you want to spend. You may have noticed that we haven’t included a knife in these EDC’s. The all-purpose tools listed all have some sort of cutting blade included in them, but most of us have a special blade that we carry for some reason or another. I happen to carry a small Case pocket knife that my grandfather carried for years. It may look a little rough, but it will cut anything that I need it to.

After the basic items, the remainder of the items in the EDC kit are as varied as the individual that carries them. Some of my friends carry what I would consider a BOB while others are minimalist a carry only the basic items. Either way, an EDC be the items that give you that little extra to make it through the situation at hand.


  1. I think we need a new catch phrase here, the “credit card prepper”.

    You can always tell them,
    Wearing the latest “Gucci styled” tactical if not military ‘cut’ clothing
    The customized military style webbing and bags with the makers name prominently mounted for all to see.

    All of it totally out of context for their surroundings and acting like a flag saying
    “Here I am, equipped with everything, come and mug me!

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