Making a Tinder Bundle

Posted: February 27, 2016 in SHTF Preparedness, Survival and Skills, Survival for Kids

Making a Tinder Bundle

In keeping with our “Week of Fire“, we are going to take a quick look Tinder Bundles.   In fire building, a Tinder Bundle is needed to move from the step where an ember is produced to an actual fire. When using most primitive fire methods an ember is produced from wood dust. Although this ember is glowing and very hot, you can’t place against a piece of wood and have a fire start. There is an intermediate step is required to achieve a viable sustainable fire. This is why a tinder bundle is so valuable to have, create or maintain.

Tinder Bundles are constructed from dried materials. The drier the better. The best material for a tinder bundle is a fine fibrous material such as dried grass or cloth. Simply use the material to from a bird’s nest of sorts that will allow you to place the burning ember near the middle.

Once the ember is placed into the material, the ember will need oxygen to ignite the material. This may require you to gently blow into the material until you see the material ignite. As the flame in the tinder expands, place the tinder bundle fire fuel so that the flame can be transferred.

Bark from a cedar tree can make very good tinder bundles. Simply peel off some of the dry bark and begin to work it with your fingers. Break the bark in to fine particles and fibers. However, be careful with this process. You don’t want to end up with powder.

Dried grasses also make excellent tinder bundles if the grasses are dry enough. Again, braking the grasses down into fibers by rubbing them together back and forth in your hands. However, keep in mind you will also need some stiffer grass to provide a frame of sorts to hold your tinder bundle.

No manner which what type of material you use, always be cautious not to burn your fingers or hand once you have blown you ember in to a flame or during the transfer to your prepared kindling.



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