Making a Fire: Battery & Steel Wool

Posted: February 28, 2016 in SHTF Preparedness, Survival and Skills, Survival for Kids
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There are several different ways to make fire. Some of which man has been using since the dawn of time, while other have only been used for a few short years. Each of these methods we are looking at this week all have one thing in common, they require practice if one is to be successful using the method under survival conditions.

Battery & Steel Wool

Battery & Steel Wool

The battery and steel wool method is perhaps one of the easiest methods, however it still takes skill. The list of the required items is short and sweet. As always ensure your tinder bundle is ready. Beside your tinder bundle, you will need a battery, 6 volt or higher is preferable and some steel wool. The finer the steel wool, the easier it catches.

Step 1.  Make sure your tinder bundle is ready.

Step 2.  Retrieve a battery and locate the battery terminals.

  • Dependent on the type of battery, the terminals will be the two circular receiving prongs located on the top of the battery or the two ends of the battery.
  • Again, any battery will work, but the higher the battery voltage the easier the steel wool will ignite.

Step 3.  Rub the steel wool across the batteries terminals.

Step 4.  Continue rubbing the steel wool on the batteries.

  • This will create a current through the tiny steel wires. The current will cause the small wires in the steel wool to heat up and glow.

Step 5.  Once steel wool as it starts to glow, blow gently on to the steel wool. This will assist the ember to become a flame and encourages it to spread across the steel wool.

Step 6.  Transfer the glowing steel wool to the Tinder Bundle. Continuing to blow gently across the tinder bundle until a flame ignites.

Step 7.  Continue to add tinder and kindling to the fire.

A paper clip or other small piece of metal wire can also be used with this method. The key is to continue create a current until the wire glows hot enough to combust tinder into flame.

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