Making a Fire – Using Steel & Flint

Posted: February 29, 2016 in All Others, SHTF Preparedness, Survival and Skills, Survival for Kids

Flint & Steel

Again, there are several different ways to make fire. Some of which man has been using since the dawn of time, while other have only been used for a few short years. Each of these methods we are looking at this week all have one thing in common, they require practice if one is to be successful using the method under survival conditions.

Flint and Steel method of making fire is one of the tried and true methods that has been around for thousands of years. However, this method is one that takes a little practice to ensure you preform it when required. You need to be familiar with how each tool will perform and how much pressure your system will require to create a spark.

  1. As always, make sure your tinder bundle is ready to go.
  1. Take the steel striker or knife in your dominate hand.
  1. Using the steel striker or back (spine) of the knife, begin to strike the flint. Continue revealingly strike the flint with a downward motion until sparks begin to form.


  1. Ensure that the flint is positioned so that the tinder bundle can catch the sparks.
  1. Once an ember begins to form in the tinder bundle, position yourself to gentle blow across the ember to assist the ember to ignite into flame.
  1. Continue to nurture the flame and add tinder and kindling.
  1. Grow the flame into a fire.

A piece a Char-Cloth can also be used with this method. Char-Cloth are small cut squares of cloth that have been processed into easily combustible charcoal pieces.  we will discuss this later in the week.



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