Making a Fire: Hand Drill

Posted: March 1, 2016 in SHTF Preparedness, Survival and Skills, Survival for Kids

Again, there are several different ways to make fire. Some of which man has been using since the dawn of time, while other have only been used for a few short years. Each of these methods we are looking at this week all have one thing in common, they require practice if one is to be successful using the method under survival conditions.

Hand Drill

The Hand Drill is perhaps the oldest and one of the most difficult method of fire making. Not only you need to practice to master this method, but the materials also have to be in the correct conditions. Too much moisture in the air or wood could make for a very cold night for you.

Step 1.  As always, make sure your tinder bundle is ready to go.

Step 2.  Locate a piece of flat dry wood to use as your fire board. The fire board will serve as the base of your hand drill.

Fire Board

Also, find a thin stick about a half inch in diameter and about two feet long. The will be your spindle stick.

Step 3.  Using your knife drill a small circle near the edge of the wood. Do not drill all the way through the wood. This circle will hold the spindle stick. Take care to make notch no bigger than your spindle stick.

Step 4.  Carve a V–notch from the edge of the wood back to the circle you drilled. Cut the notch all the way through the wood. The notch will catch the wood dust and ember that you create by the drilling action.

Step 5.  Place a dry leaf or small pieces of dry bark under the notch. The leaf or piece of bark will catch the ember that is created.

Step 6.  Place your spindle stick in the circle whole securing the fire board with either your feet or knees.

Step 7.  Begin to roll the spindle stick back and forth between your palms while maintaining downward pressure.

Step 8.  Continue to repeat this action while maintaining the downward pressure until and ember formed.

Step 9.  Once an ember is formed, transfer the embers to the tinder bundle.

Hand Drill

Step 10.  Blow lightly on the tinder bundle to nurture the flame.

Step 11.  Continue to nurture the flame and add tinder and kindling.

Step 12.  Grow the flame into a fire.

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