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How many articles have you read about those items that are a must for your prepping or survival needs. Boots, Packs, Knives, Fire Starters and the list goes on and on. Some of these items are a “must” while others are just nice to have items. For example, pocket warmers would be great to have in the middle of winter, but do you have to have them? The answer would be “No”. However, one more item that often gets overlooked is gloves.

While on the trail or out in the woods, you will see people with all types of gloves. Each person will tell why theirs are the best and that you should buy brand X to protect your hands. And some will tell that gloves are an item that you don’t need, your hands will toughen up over time. But I’m here to tell you that gloves should be on the top of your prepping/survival items list. If for no other reason than to protect your hands.Try to do something with an injured finger or hand and you will understand. The task will take twice as long and be twice as hard.

Leather Work Gloves

There are several different types of gloves you could where. Clothe, Leather or even Kevlar Lined just to name a few. It all boils down to two things; what you will be doing and what your preference is.

The 2 Glove System

I happen to prefer the two glove system, which is something I picked up from my time in the military. The two glove system consists of the shell and a liner. This system provides both protection from cold and wounds.

  • The Liner. The liner of the two glove system can be made from any material to include nylon, cotton or even calf skin. The liner can be whatever the wearer is must comfortable wearing. I prefer a Nomex flight gloves. Why a flight glove you may be asking, there are several reasons.
  • The calf skin palm and fingers. The calf skin allows you to feel items better through the calf skin. The calf skin in very thin but also wears remarkably well.

Nomex Flight Gloves

  • The Nomex gloves are fairly warm. Both the calf skin and Nomex will hold the heat from your hands nicely.
  • The gloves are thin enough they allow your hand to breath.
  • The gloves also have a long upper that help to protect your wrist and lower arm.
  • The Nomex gloves fit nicely under other gloves from more protection and when it’s really cold.
  • These gloves now come in different colors.
  • The Shell. Like the liner, the shell can be almost any type of material and is usually based upon the wearers comfort and past experienced. I happen to prefer a leather work glove with a reinforce palm. Anyone who has done any repelling or rope work will tell you the value of a reinforced palm.

Another nice feature of most work gloves is the draw string across the back of the glove. This allows you to tighten the glove when you are just wearing the shell work glove and also clip the gloves to your gear when not being used to keep you from losing one or both. You can also purchase these gloves with a lining that provides extra warmth during those cold periods.

Perhaps the best feature of these gloves is the construction of most work gloves. These gloves are very ruggedly constructed and wear like iron and will last many seasons if taken care of.

Whether you prefer a single glove or the two glove system, clothe or leather, gloves are an often over looked item for your packing list. The protection that gloves provide can be the difference between being successful or failure. So spend the extra couple of bucks and invest in some protection for your hands.