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bow drill

As we continue the Week of Fire, we will be taking a look at the Bow Drill. The Bow Drill is simply an extension of the Hand Drill that we explored in yesterday’s article. If you have ever tried the hand drill, you will understand why there was a need for a better way of creating friction to ignite the dust created by the drilling action of the hand drill.

Step 1.  As always, make sure your Tinder Bundle is ready to go.

Step 2.  Locate the following materials:

  • Gather an object to use as a socket. The socket serves two purposes, first it is used to downward pressure on the spindle. Secondly, it protects the palm of the hand.
  • Find a piece of wood or other object that is slightly flexible. If possible a piece of wood or object with a slight curve works best. The wood or object will serve as the handle of your bow.
  • Find a piece of flat dry wood to use as your fire board. The fire board will serve as the base of your hand drill.
  • And finally find a thin stick about a half inch in diameter and about two feet long. The will be your spindle stick.

bow-drill 2

Step 3.  Make a bow string with any strong material that will be able to with stand the friction that will be created. 550 cord, shoelace, strip of cloth or piece of rawhide can serve as a bow string.

Step 4.  Whittle a small notches at both ends of the bow handle.

Step 5.  Attach the bow string to the bow handle at the small notches. Make the bow string as tight as possible.

Step 6.  Using your knife drill a small circle near the edge of the wood. Do not drill all the way through the wood. This circle will hold the spindle stick. Take care to make notch no bigger than your spindle stick.

Step 7.  Carve a V–notch from the edge of the wood back to the circle you drilled. Cut the notch all the way through the wood. The notch will catch the wood dust and ember that you create by the drilling action.

Step 8.  Place a dry leaf or small pieces of dry bark under the notch. The leaf or piece of bark will catch the ember that is created.

Step 9.  Loop the bow string around the spindle stick in the middle of the bow string. Ensure you have enough space to draw the bow back and forth.

Step 10.  Out the down end of the spindle stick in the notch of the fire board.

Step 11.  Place the socket on the other end of the spindle stick. Use your non-dominant hand to hold the socket.

Step 12.  Gripping the bow firmly, move the bow back and forth quickly while applying downward pressure on the socket. This action will create dust from the fire board and spindle, as well as create heat.

Bow-drill 3

Step 13.  Continue the sawing actions until an ember is created.

Step 14.  Once an ember is formed, transfer the embers to the tinder bundle.

bow drill 4

Step 15.  Blow lightly on the tinder bundle to nurture the flame.

Step 16.  Continue to nurture the flame and add tinder and kindling.

Step 17.  Grow the flame into a fire.

Please feel welcome to leave any feedback or ideas. And as always, you can find all your supplies for your survival & prepping needs at the Backyard Prepper US Equipment and Supply Store.