About Backyard Prepper US

At BYP US, we are dedicated to bring you information and ideas to assist you before, during and after the SHTF.
Turn on the world news. You’ll see revolutions, governments being over-thrown and starvation all over the world. In today’s world we are under constant threat from everywhere. World Economic collapse, terrorist attack with a weapon of mass destruction and a pandemic are just some of the threats we face.Every night when we go to bed we are likely to awake in a new world.Over the last ten years in the United States, we has seen major cities in bankruptcy, riots in the streets over everything from race to employment (or unemployment as it may be) and terrorist attacks against the unsuspecting public. Within the different regions of the US over the same time span we have seen the effects of long term drought, reoccurring flooding, countless wildfires and the ever present threat of a major earthquake striking one or more of the major population centers. Add to that the current economic situation of uncertainly, unemployment and an inept Federal and state governments and you have a receipt disaster and chaos on several levels.

Can you answer the following?

What will you do?

How will you keep your family safe?

Do you have enough food in the house so you won’t have to go to the store?

How much gas do you have in the car?

Do you go somewhere or stay where you and your family are?

Is there somewhere safe you can go?

Can the local authorities manage this emergency?

If you can’t than your at the right website.

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